What Is Fridge Logic?

What Is Fridge Logic?


So some of you are probably wondering what exactly is fridge logic?

Believe it or not, fridge logic is an actual thing and was originally coined by none other than Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock used the term when describing his film Vertigo; specifically where the character Madeline disappears and that most people would not notice it until “after you’ve gone home and start pulling cold chicken out of the icebox.”

Fridge logic is noticing an issue of a film (or show or game or play) long after you have finished watching it (for instance when you are getting something from your refrigerator). Usually these moments are small issues that many people would never even think about and usually are internal consistency issues.

One of my high school friends told me about fridge logic and at the time, the two of us and our other friend were considering starting a band. We jokingly decided that the band name should be “Fridge Logic” since my last name is SelFRIDGE. We thought that it’d be a name to bring people in just from pure confusion!

The band never took off but I’ve always enjoyed the title and phrase, so when I needed a title for my site, Fridge Logic seemed perfect! I even got to use the very poor logo that we created back in the day. Oh well. I enjoy it!

Or as some people would say, “the rest is history!”

P.S: Anyone interested in the trope of fridge logic, here is a link to more info! (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FridgeLogic)

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