Bad Moms Review

Bad Moms Review

(Well with no new movies to see last week, let us go into my vault and pick out a movie that I saw a while ago but never wrote a review on, Bad Moms.)

Let me tell you something. I am not looking forward to being a parent. I remember the stress of being a middle and high schooler and I cannot imagine how my mother dealt with trying to help me while juggling the other responsibilities of being an adult. So that being said, the idea behind Bad Moms seems like a hilarious idea, but can it deliver on its promises?

Story: The basic story follows a mom who is going through a separation/divorce and she decides to stop being super mom and have some fun for herself. What entails is a fight with the PTA president and goes through the typical comedy clichés. It plays it safe and doesn’t try too many new things.

Acting: Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell are the saving graces of this film. They play their parts pretty well and even make some of the bad jokes pretty funny. The rest of the cast, highlighted by Christina Applegate, is a solid meh, not really adding anything to the movie, yet also not taking away from the experience either.

Presentation: The movie plays it pretty safe in terms of cinematography (which isn’t surprising since it’s a comedy) but there are no annoying shots or transitions. Additionally, the soundtrack fits pretty well with the majority of the film. There are a couple of out of place songs but you can get over it.

Effect: In terms of jokes, there are some really funny lines that came out of nowhere, yet there were also many jokes that just fell flat. However, when looking at the whole product, I really enjoyed the film. It may have failed on some jokes but it certainly delivered on its promise of making fun of the way kids are raised today and other such topics.

Other: Despite being pretty funny, there were several scenes where I completely lost interest and found myself looking at my watch to check the time. Additionally, it is clear that the film is made for women. Again, not that I didn’t enjoy the movie, but some of the jokes that I found to be flat might be hilarious to women.

Bad Moms does deliver on its promise of making fun of modern parenting…in a way. It could have done much more and instead of being a truly great comedy, it ends up being a clichéd comedy that only scratches the surface of a great premise.

Story: 6
Acting: 7
Presentation: 7
Effect: 7
Other: 6

Score: 6.6

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