In other news, writing is hard!

In other news, writing is hard!

Hello everyone!! Thought I’d share a little update on how I’ve been spending my free time recently…well asides from watching and reviewing movies.

For a long time (i.e. as long as I can remember), I’ve always wanted to write my own TV show or movie. I love watching film, whether it is a feature film or episodic content, but sometimes I just think that I could do better than most of the crap that ends up on the big screen. So I’m finally taking matters into my own hand!

I thought about what I could write. A short story? A movie? A TV show episode? A fan-fic? Just kidding. I’d never write fan-fiction. That stuff gets a little too weird. I thought about my options and some of the strange ideas that are running around in my head and decided that an episodic television series would best suit my favorite idea.

So I searched around on the internet machine and ended up on a sub-reddit for screenwriting. There I found a free screenwriting program, along with links to some “screenwriting for dummies.” After some simple research and a few downloads, I decided to start writing.

So far, I’ve only got a few pages. Who knew writing a script would be hard…ok I knew it was going to be hard but still! I know nothing will come of this but this is a fun exercise and I’m going to keep playing around with it. Maybe I’ll post some of my work eventually. Maybe. Don’t count on it. I’m still in the “Is My Idea Actually Interesting or Is It Just Dumb” phase of writing so we’ll see what happens.

Hope everyone is having a good day and the next review will be up on Thursday.

And in other news, GO DEACS!!!

Cheers lads!

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