Masterminds Review (Live from Hurricane Watch 2K16!!!?!?!)

Masterminds Review (Live from Hurricane Watch 2K16!!!?!?!)

Hello and welcome to Hurricane Watch 2K16. I’m Tom Cullen. We are LIVE from good ole Palm Beach County, Flo Rida. Things are going decently right now. We’ve got the shutters up and primed, water has been bought in bulk, and right now we’re enjoying power and AC until it surrenders to Old Matty’s might. But now, for a review of a shitty comedy (aka Masterminds), here’s Will Selfridge.

Story: Thanks Tom. The story in this film is based off the apparently real life Loomis Fargo Robbery in 1998. In a nutshell, an armed truck guard is coerced into helping a “friend” and her shady amigos to rob a truck and get away with about 18 million dollars. While this may sound fun and enjoyable. It’s not. Trust me. The writing is particularly poor and dull (and for a comedy that’s saying something) and the jokes are far and few in between.

Acting: The “stars” of the film (in big sarcastic quotations) are Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig and they’re both pretty average. A resounding meh. They don’t really add anything to film and almost seem like they’re bored with the movie (like I was). Owen Wilson has some good moments and Jason Sudeikis comes in as the saving grace of the day. He is fantastic. If only he had more of a role.

Presentation: What can I say here. It’s a comedy. There’s not much to look at. The soundtrack is pretty forgettable but I guess it fits as background music.

Effect: Like I said, the movie is boring and many of the jokes are just dumb. I will say that the jokes are mostly the awkward/cringe kind of humor (which I hate) but no one in the theater was really laughing much when I saw it. That being said, I’ll add an additional point here to correct for my hate of that brand of comedy.

Other: Once. Twice. Three times a lady. (Sorry about that) For the third time, the movie is boring. It lasts too long and it’s only about an hour and 40 minutes. Take it from me, save your cash and see something else. Now. Back to you Tom.

Thanks Will. It seems as if the “Masterminds” of this film are Master…um…oh I got nothing. This film is not good. There’s my wrap up.

(On a serious note, if you’re in a hurricane zone, be careful and godspeed.)

Story: 4
Acting: 6
Presentation: 6
Effect: 5
Other: 3

Score: 4.8

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