Quick Review: Denial

Quick Review: Denial

Hey everyone! So normally I’ll write a “long” review (I say long in quotes since it’s relative) for a movie and then post it on Thursday. Simple structure and so far it has worked for me. BUT. On Monday I saw a movie, Denial, that I had not planned on reviewing since there are more interesting movies coming out in the coming weeks, yet I believed that this movie was good enough to warrant a new type of review; a quick review. So here’s a quick run through of Denial.

Story: It follows the story of Dr. Deborah Lipstadt and her fight against a famous holocaust denier, David Irving. The story is gripping and well presented and is interesting to watch, even though you know (or can guess) how the story will end. Score: 9

Acting: The stars of the show are Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson and both are fantastic. Timothy Spall, who plays Irving, is also quite good as well. Score: 9

Presentation: The worst part of the film. It feels very choppy. What I mean is the transition from scene to scene is abrupt and feels lazy. But otherwise, ok. Score: 6

Effect: For the first hour or so, I was kinda underwhelmed and thought that they could be doing better. Then the film takes us to Auschwitz. For what felt like 5 minutes, I was shown shots of the former concentration camp covered in cold snow.  It was incredibly moving. It raised the stakes and made me care much more for the rest of the film. (That was long…my bad) Score: 10

Other: Again I was underwhelmed for a while until the Auschwitz visit but then it picked up. I’m also giving bonus points for a look into the British legal system, which I haven’t seen in a film before (at least I don’t think). Score: 8

Wrap up: This is a well done and while it takes a bit too long to start up, it is still one of the more powerful films I’ve seen in 2016.

Final Score: 8.4

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