Game Talk: Nintendo Has Made a Good Start with the Nintendo Switch

Game Talk: Nintendo Has Made a Good Start with the Nintendo Switch

I’ll start this by simply saying that I’ve never been a huge Nintendo fanboy. I had a N64 and a Gamecube as a kid but I was never into “big boy” AAA games until I got the original Xbox and played games like Halo and KOTOR. That being said, Nintendo has always had a special place in my heart. The Gameboy was my first gaming device I ever owned. I remember going to my friends house and playing classics like Donkey Kong 64 and Mario Cart Double Dash. It was always a blast when we busted out a Nintendo game.

Then the Wii came out. Sure it was fun and exciting for a while. Trying to get the highest score in Wii Bowling was pretty fun. Randomly flailing your arms in an attempt to play virtual tennis was funny to watch too. But that was really it. The gimmick was pretty short lived as we realized there wasn’t much the Wii could give us. We transitioned to playing splitscreen games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty Zombies or rocking out with Rock Band and Guitar Hero on our Xbox 360s. The Wii quickly became a distant memory. And when the Wii U was released, it fell flat too, with only a few major exclusive games to justify its purchase and usage.

So. Naturally. When I started hearing about the Nintendo NX (now officially known as the Nintendo Switch) I was skeptical, and that is being quite modest. I figured I would skip out on it since I already have both the Xbox One and the PS4 and I don’t really use my Wii U. HOWEVER! After seeing the reveal trailer for the Switch yesterday morning, I’ve got to say that I’m reconsidering my original position. And here’s why.

For 1– It doesn’t look cheap…it actually looks good: The pictures of the console look good. The design looks decent and well made. I always felt like the Wii U console and gamepad were very cheap products and made for young kids. The Switch definitely looks like a big boy product. There was a moment during the trailer where the handheld screen reminded me of an iPad. It seems like Nintendo has finally upped their design game.

For 2-It is something I do not have: The Switch is a combination TV and handheld console and that is really something I do not really have. The Xbox One and PS4 both lovingly serve their purposes. I do not need another HD console to simply play Mario games. BUTTTT. Having a console that I can play on a TV AND take on the go if necessary? Well that is something I could use.

4 3- Nintendo is (or at least seems to be) marketing toward young adults: The entire trailer is filled with young adults playing the Switch in all kinds of ways and I love it. It looks like they’ve made a console for real gamers and not some toy for mommy to buy a child for Christmas (and maybe that’s why it’s coming out in March and not this holiday).

4 4- It’s about the games: This may seem kinda redundant but I always felt like the Wii and the Wii U were not about games. They were about motion controls or the social experience or the gimmick, but Nintendo seems to have learned from their mistakes. The Switch seems to be all about the games as it was what was shown off in the trailer. Mario. Zelda. Splatoon. Mario Cart. Skyrim. SKYRIM!!!!

With all that being said, we only know a little bit about the Switch thus far and there are still a lot of questions to be answered. What’s the battery life? How much space is on it? Is it touchscreen? How much will it cost? But based on what we know, I am actually kind of excited and that is what is so surprising. I never thought I’d be excited about Nintendo again but they’ve proved me wrong…at least for now. I can only hope they keep this up and don’t suddenly reveal that this sucks. But for now. All we can do is hope…and go back to playing my Xbox. :p

(P.S. I do think the name Nintendo Switch is a dumb name but so is Xbox One so I’ll let it pass.)

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