Quick Review: Dishonored 2

Quick Review: Dishonored 2

The original Dishonored was one of my favorite games of 2012 and the thought of a sequel to this under appreciated gem of a game made me happy like a giddy school boy. I know I’m about a month late to this party but here’re my quick thoughts on my favorite game of 2016.

Story: You play as either Empress Emily Kaldwin or her Royal Protector and father Corvo Attano and the goal is to sneak, hunt, and kill your enemies (though you don’t have to kill anyone) to save the Empire from chaos. The story is simple but intriguing and the amount of letters and books and other documents to read help make the world of Karnaca feel genuinely real. Score: 10

Gameplay: Each mission puts you in a small open map with one main objective; deal with the target at hand. You can go in guns a blazing and kill everyone between you and the target. You can be (as my friends would say) “sneaky breaky” and deal with your target in a non-lethal way. Or you can do anything in between. The world (of Karnaca) is your oyster and all the choices are yours and everyone works equally. There is no right or wrong way. Score: 10

Design: Each mission plays in a different area and each one feels unique. Whether it’s a royal palace or a dilapidated mansion, each location is fun to explore and suits the myriad of different play styles available to the player. Score: 10

Presentation: While this isn’t the prettiest game of the year, it’s stylized art direction is unique and fits the game perfectly (as does the soundtrack). I wouldn’t want it any other way. Score: 9

Other: My only other problem with this game is the PC issues. While I played on the Xbox, it is important to see whether the game runs as well on other platforms. Last I looked, it seemed as if patches have fixed the issues but I’ll remove a point or two here to take in any PC problems into account. Score: 8

Wrap Up: PC issues aside, this game is fantastic and hands down my favorite game of the year. You should absolutely give this game a play. Arkane Studios. My hat goes off to you!

Final Score: 9.4

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