Quick Review: Fences

Quick Review: Fences

Howdy friends! I’m not going to lie. This past weekend did not have any movie that interested me in any way. So instead of seeing something I had little to no interest in, I thought it would be best to revisit a movie that I missed when it initially came out and give it a quick review. Fences, directed by and starring Denzel Washington, is based off a play by August Wilson and is one of the films nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. So let’s just get right to it.

Story: The plot here is about a small family in 1950’s Pennsylvania. I kind of don’t want to say more because it is quite a heavy story and is better experienced knowing as little as possible about it. Without a doubt, one of the better stories of the past year. Score: 9

Acting: Denzel is the first name on the poster but the star of the show here is Viola Davis. Looking over the Oscar nominations for Best Actress, I’m not sure if she will win but she definitely should. Props to her. Score: 9

Presentation: The movie kind of has a grainy look to it, and while I understand it, it is slightly annoying. Asides from that, the movie does feel like a play, keeping to only a few sets. Score: 7

Effect: Like I said, this movie is heavy. Substantially heavy. This is not a movie to be watched lightly but I’d still recommend seeing it as it is a movie that’ll make you think a lot, about your life and life in general.  Score: 8

Other: My only other complaint here is that, like a play, the movie can be pretty boring (in a tedious way). Long conversations that sometimes seem like they have no end. I’ll reiterate that this is not a movie to be seen lightly. It’s worth a watch but you must be in the right mood. Score: 7

Wrap up: This is a fantastic movie but you must see it at the right time to truly appreciate it.

Final Score: 8

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