Get Out Review

Get Out Review

After watching its first trailer, I imagined Get Out was going to be an interesting film but never did I think it would be “100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes” good. I was actually thinking I’d skip out on seeing it (and instead choose to review an older movie, i.e. Lego Batman), however after seeing the extremely high reviews for the movie, I felt I had to review this movie. So without further adieu…

Story: What we have here is a simple story. Man dates woman. Woman takes man to her parents for the weekend. Parents and their friends are strange. Man gets curious and uncovers the frightening truth of the everything. It is nothing too incredibly original but the way it is presented is so unique that you will be engaged from start to finish. I won’t say anything more as it’s one of those stories that is better the less you know.

Acting: The acting here is top notch. Daniel Kaluuya is nothing short of fantastic. You can feel his every emotion so clearly that you mind as well be in his shoes. Top notch Kaluuya. Top notch. Allison Williams plays the girlfriend and her performance is just as exceptional as Kaluuya’s. Well maybe not as good buy still fantastic. Finally, Lil Rel Howery, who plays the comic relief character, plays his part wonderfully as well. The only thing keeping me from giving a perfect 10 here is that the rest of the cast is just sort of flat compared to Kaluuya and Williams, especially Kaluuya.

Presentation: The movie looks good but doesn’t take that next step from good to great, at least in terms of presentation. The music and sound effects are pretty good but again are not as good as they could be.

Effect: According to Wikipedia, Get Out is a “comedy horror” film, and like what I said in my review of Split, I don’t know if I would classify this as a “horror” movie. Rather, I think this is more of a thriller, however the point is irrelevant. This film nails tone like no other movie I’ve seen in quite some time. You will feel uncomfortable from the opening credits to the fade to black at the end and it’s magical. Director Jordan Peele found a special combination here; thriller/horror with a splash of comedy thrown in to break up the tension just enough to throw you off guard for the next surprise. I hope this isn’t the last film Peele writes. The world needs more of his movie magic.

Other: A large part of this film is addressing the problem of race in the US today, as it shows that race is still an important issue that needs to be discussed in this country. However, I’m not sure just how important the issue of race is in this film. Don’t get me wrong, it is still the seminal theme of the movie and adds layers and significance to it, but I’m not entirely sure if it is as culturally important as most news sites and movie reviewers say it is. That being said, I’m still giving it extra points here because my view on this subject might have been skewed because of what I saw going into it. (I.E. my expectations might have been set too high or something along those lines)  Regardless, this film deserves to be seen sooner rather than later. (Edit: After further thought, I am changing this last score to a 10 to further balance out my bias. Hooray for science!)

Wrapping this up, Get Out is exceptional, and rounds out a fantastic month of movies. Between this and John Wick Chapter Two and Lego Batman, February was a great month in film, and I hope the rest of the year can stand up to this past month. Next up on the review block, Logan. GET HYPED FAM!!!!

Story: 9
Acting: 9
Presentation: 8
Effect: 10
Other: 10

Score: 9.2

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