Logan Review

Logan Review

Oh boy! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!! I knew deep down in my gut that Logan was going to be great from the minute I saw its first trailer. It looked like the mature and sophisticated “comic book” movie that I’ve been waiting for, and I’m here to say that I was right (as I am every once in a blue moon). This is the final chapter for Logan (aka the Wolverine) and his journey that began with the original X-Man movie back in 2000 (feels like forever ago right?). So enjoy this review (and a day early)!!

Story: This movie follows Old Man Logan trying to protect the very old and sick Professor X and a young mutant that is similar to Logan himself. This story (like the rest of the film) is unlike any other “comic book” movie I’ve seen. It is mature (you’re going to hear that word a lot in this review) and violent and depressing and surprisingly realistic, given the fact that it is still a “comic book” movie. Now. I keep putting “comic book” in quotations because it doesn’t feel like any other “comic book” movie. To put it simply, Logan is to X-Men Apocalypse as the Dark Knight is to Iron Man. This is simply a one in a million story in a one in a million film. Much like how there will never be another Dark Knight, there will never be another Logan.

Acting: This is Hugh Jackman’s final X-Man film and it is a fitting end. Similar to what I said last week in my Get Out review, you can feel the pain in Wolverine’s journey and can relate to his struggles. This film takes place years after the last Wolverine stand alone film and you can see just how much Logan has struggled through Jackman’s performance. Patrick Stewart, as Professor X, is also simply majestic here, reminding me of just how good the chemistry between him and Jackman is. Stewart’s performance also subtly connects his Professor X with the new Professor X played by James McAcvoy. While it is sad that the rest of the cast stands in the shadows of Stewart and Jackman, it is worth the end result since this is their final adventure with the X-Man.

Presentation: This film looks like how Logan feels; worn out…but in a good way. It still looks good but it has this weathered out look that puts you in the right mood for what’s to come. Additionally, the film presents a rather realistic look into the coming future. The film is set in 2029 and you can see the (possible) advances of the near-future (self driving trucks/ futuristic looking dashboards/ fancy elevators/ etc…). It shows that thought was put into the film, something that many AAA blockbusters do not do.

Effect: As I’ve said multiple times thus far, this is one of the most mature “comic book” movies ever made, standing right next to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. I believe that the comic book movie market has become over saturated and while many of those films are fantastic in their own right (such as Doctor Strange), the bottom might soon fall out. To prevent that from happening, we need more films that are fundamentally different to refresh the market and inject new life into this sub-genre of movies. Deadpool was a good example, but was a little too over the top and just felt like a regular “comic book” movie but with a fresh R rating. This movie, on the other hand, reminds us that “comic book” movies can be more substantial; that there can be films that are made for adults and not just for kids and teenagers. And I tell you this. If Hugh Jackman or Patrick Stewart happen to die between now and the 2018 Oscars, they could possibly get an Oscar nomination like Heath Ledger from the Dark Knight. (Please know that I hope both Jackman and Stewart live long and happy lives…it was just a hypothetical scenario). I’ve let this section go on too long, so I’ll finish off with this: Logan might not be “perfect” but perfect is relative (or at least it should be). Logan is a perfect “comic book” movie and until Disney/Marvel or DC or Fox decide to do another mature “comic book” movie, Logan will be here for us. Now if only we could get a mature Star Wars movie………….

Other: There’s nothing more to say. Wait. Scratch that. There are two more things. First, upon a second watch, the movie does drag a bit in the first hour and a tad toward the end. Nothing that ruins the film. Just a minor complaint in an otherwise perfect movie. And finally, this movie doesn’t have a post-credits scene (thank the maker) but does have a pre-show film (as in after the trailers and before the movie starts). And let it be known is that this pre-show scene is amazing. All I’ll say is be sure to get there early to see to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Well. There you have it folks. This movie is gold. While it unfortunately might not get an Oscar nomination in 2018, this is the best “popular” movie you’ll see all year. Now go. Be free. Watch. And enjoy.

Story: 10
Acting: 9
Presentation: 10
Effect: 10
Other: 9

Score: 9.6

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