Quick Review: Kong Skull Island

Quick Review: Kong Skull Island

Last week I reviewed Logan and it was spectacular. Wonderful. Magical. Spectacular (whoops, I already said that). It was so spectacular that I was thinking of taking a spring break of sorts and take a week off. HOWEVER, I quickly realized that the new King Kong movie came out and knew that I had to review it. Who else would? So this week we will do a quick review for this bad boy and call it a week.

Story: It’s a monster movie. What else are you expecting. Man finds island. Man goes to island. Island has giant ape. Island has giant monsters. Man fights ape. Man fights monsters. Ape fights monsters. That’s about it. What? Did you want something else? Score: 7

Acting: There are a lot of big names here (Samuel MF L Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman, Brie Larson,…) but none of them really stand out. In fact, I found many of their performances to be just sorta meh. Could’ve been worse…I guess. Score: 6

Presentation: The CGI looks incredible but the movie is shot like a movie from the 70s and not in a good way. But at least the music is good and we all know that nothing is better than music from the 70s. Score: 7

Effect: This is a monster movie and you get a lot of it. The movie doesn’t hide Kong like the last Godzilla movie. At least someone is listening over there in Hollywood.  Score: 9

Other: I’m giving extra points here for science here since I’m not a huge fan of this genre of movie. Yay to points correcting for bias! Score: 9

Wrap up: This isn’t a great movie but is still a good movie and if you love monster movies, then you’ll love this one.

Final Score: 7.6

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