Spring Break Reviews: Lego Batman, Fist Fight and More!!!!

Spring Break Reviews: Lego Batman, Fist Fight and More!!!!

Happy Spring Break friends! Kids across the country are rushing to warm places to enjoy time away from the stress inducing institution that is college (or high school) and as it turns out, even movie reviewers need a spring break here and there. I did not get an opportunity to see a new movie so instead of taking a week off, I decided to go back and post my (brief…as in one sentence per movie) reviews for some flicks that I did not get around to reviewing. Without further adieu, I present to you the first ever Fridge Logic Spring Break Single Sentence Reviews!!!?!?!?!?!!

the_lego_batman_movie_promotionalposterLego Batman: It’s Lego and it’s Batman and I’m not sure what else there is to say about it. Final Score: 8.4

the_great_wall_28film29The Great Wall: This is an ok action movie and while it has some good action here and there, it ultimately is just forgettable in every way possible. Final Score: 4.4

collide_film_posterCollide: This is an action movie that I saw because Felicity Jones is in it and it is average. Completely and positively average. (sorry that was two sentences) Final Score: 5

fist_fightFist Fight: Even though it looks like a dumb comedy, this movie is actually pretty cool and surprisingly funny, despite it’s apperant flaws. Final Score: 6.8

halo_wars_2_cover_artHalo Wars 2 (oh did I say I was including video games…I’m including video games): Halo Wars 2 is a good RTS but doesn’t do much beyond that. Final Score: 7

iron_fist_netflixIron Fist: I’ve never reviewed a TV show before here but I wanted one last review here so… Final Score: 6

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!!!!! Tune in next week for a review of either Power Rangers or Life. Until next time…..


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