Power Rangers Review

Power Rangers Review

Day late and a dollar short. Sorry folks. For anyone interested, here’s my review of Power Rangers. Is it good? Is it bad? Or could it be both? :O (Note from the editor: the “other” section has been trimmed down to be a little shorter and more to the point)

Story: The story here is pretty bland and really disappointing for a “super hero” movie. 5 kids, from different walks of life and representing all colors of the diversity rainbow, find some magic alien crystal/chip/things that give them super powers to stop an evil alien from destroying Earth. Problem is that the characters motivations are pretty much non-existent and they do whatever the plot needs them to do. There’s no real growth or maturation with any of them. Hell. The alien robot has more growth. There are some redeeming qualities, especially the end fight sequence, but overall it is not great.

Acting: I don’t know who the lead actors are and trust me it’s not necessary to look them up. They might as well be cardboard cutouts. In terms of the rest of the cast, Bryan Cranston voices Zordon and gives some life during his scenes while Elizabeth Banks is rather forgettable as the lead villain.

Presentation: While this movie doesn’t look as good as other big budget action movies, it still looks pretty good. The rangers’ suits look kind of strange but the other effects are pretty convincing. And the music my friends. The music is good. In fact. It’s G.U.D. good.

Effect: My biggest qualm with the movie is that there’s only one real fight scene and it’s in the last 20 minutes of the movie. Now don’t get me wrong. It was a great fight scene. I just wish there was more of that action. I went to see Power Rangers, not a bunch of teens trying to be Power Rangers. I know it’s an origin story but even the first Iron Man had a few action sequences in it.

Other: Finally, let me touch on the diversity side of the film. People are praising this film for being the first major “super hero” film with LGBT and autistic characters and in my opinion, they did it right and wrong at the same time. If a character is gay (or autistic or a Muslim or whatever), it should be a single part of their character that, with their other characteristics, creates and presents a unique person that all viewers can relate to; not just an empty shell of a character that exists solely to qualify a quota. Power Rangers has characters that are well made and written, that happen to be gay or a person of color, yet also has ones that are not written well and do just fill a quota. Still, overall, the movie should get extra points for having a diverse cast. A good start that hopefully will be continued in future films.

And there you have it (shoutout to Tipsy Bartender). Not the best movie out there but for anyone wanting a decent Power Rangers film (or a “super hero” film to hold you over until Guardians 2), then go see this one. Otherwise. Well. Up to you I guess.

Story: 4
Acting: 5
Presentation: 7
Effect: 7
Other: 7

Score: 6

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