Quick Review: Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Quick Review: Ghost in the Shell (2017)

I’ve never been an anime fan. It’s just not for me, however, I love me a good movie so let us see if an anime movie can translate well into a AAA live action film. Short answer….no. Quick answer…let’s find out.

Story: In a weird future (or universe or world or…something), the line between man and machine is getting blurrier and blurrier and one woman with a machine body must solve the mystery of her past. It means well but it drags too much to be truly enjoyable. It also feels like some scenes are missing. Score: 4

Acting: Most of the acting here sucks. Not even my dear old pal Black Widow…I mean Scarlett Johansson can save the day here. Score: 3

Presentation: This movie looks wonderful at times and strange at others. Overall, it balances out but I’ll give an extra point here for terrific effects in general. Score: 5

Effect: Again, I’m biased because I don’t like anime but this film is not good. Maybe the source material is good but this movie is not good. Score: 3

Other: I’m adding a point here to correct for my bias against anime in general but I’m removing more points because this movie is pretty boring. This movie should be exciting (machines, mystery, SPIDER TANKS…well one at least) but it isn’t. It’s like something got lost in translation. Score: 4

Wrap Up: This movie isn’t good. If you’re looking for something exciting to see, go watch Power Rangers, and if you’re a fan of anime, then just go watch the original Ghost in the Shell.

Final Score: 3.8

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