The Fate of the Furious Review

The Fate of the Furious Review

Ok fam! It’s the new Fast and Furious movie. Cars! Explosions! Excitement? Vin Diesel! The Rock! (Cooking? Smell?) It’s everything you’d want in a movie!!!?!?!?!

Story: This movie picks up after the last film in the series with Dom and Letty chilling in Cuba when a new baddie comes along and forces Dom to betray his family. While it is not that original, the story is pretty refreshing for this series. This series is usually pretty laughable but this film actually presents a somewhat serious plot-line. Now, granted, it is still Fast and Furious so take it with a grain of salt but for a generic action movie, the story is not bad.

Acting: Again, the acting is like the story where it is not great in terms of critical acclaim (i.e. not getting any Oscars) yet is still significantly above average for most action movies. Particularly is Vin Diesel is really good. I’m being totally serious. His performance makes it seem like he’s a real actor. I won’t say more but props to Mr. Unleaded.

PresentationSome of the bigger action shots look slightly strange but overall the movie looks good and sounds better. Once again, Fast and Furious steps up the soundtrack game.

Effect: There are two types of action movies. The super serious ones (i.e. Matrix and John Wick) and the more silly ones (i.e. xXx), and there is a place for each of them in Hollywood. Back in February, I said that John Wick Chapter 2 is a perfect example of the former type of movie and I believe that the Fate of the Furious is a great example of the later type. It is not a perfect example but is a great example of a silly and fun and over the top action movie and might be the best one for 2017.

Other: Finally, this movie is a little on the long side but doesn’t feel too incredibly long. It also balances the big action scenes with some of the other calmer scenes and helps to makes the film fun to watch from start to finish.

And that’s it. RIP Paul Walker and s/o to Mr. Ethanol and the Rock and what he’s cooking.  Until next time folks!

Story: 7
Acting: 8
Presentation: 8
Effect: 9
Other: 9

Score: 8.2

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