Wonder Woman (2017) Review

Wonder Woman (2017) Review

What’s up fam? Well I’m 0-2 these past two weeks with getting reviews out in time and there’s a solid reason for that; I take the LSAT on Monday 😮    So yeah I’ve got some wonderful things on my plate but the review train must never stop and this week we’ve got a review full of wonder!! Ladies and gents! Wonder Woman!!!?!?!?!?!??!! Can the DCEU finally get a film that is honestly good? Well unless you’ve been under a rock for the last week, you’ll know they did.

Story: Wonder Woman retells her first encounter with humans as she soars, beats, and whips her way through the front lines of WWI and inevitably saves the day. It’s a wonderful story that is equally exciting, heartbreaking, and happy for the duration, despite the obvious cliches and uninspiring villain.

Acting: Gal Gadot is my hero. She’s fantastic. Some would say she’s wonderful. In addition, Chris Pine is a perfect counter to Gadot with his rough and rogue captain/spy character. Together they’re fantastic. It’s honestly too bad that the villain and the rest of the cast is rather uninspiring. What a shame too….and a waste of Robin Wright.

Presentation: Much like BvS, this movie is very gray but considering it’s set in WWI, it makes sense and is forgivable and while the action scenes rely a little too much on slo-motion, it is still fun and that’s the only important thing here. Plus the Wonder Woman theme is gnarly and every time it came on, I couldn’t help but smile.

Effect: This film may not be perfect (like GalGuards is) but this film is spectacular and wonderful. Ms. Gadot showed the world that female superheros can hold their own in solo films and presents the perfect case for future films revolving around a lady hero (aka give me a Black-widow solo film Marvel).

Other: A tad long in a few places but overall it is for lack of a better term wonderful. This film is best enjoyed in theaters so go out and see this one.

There you have it folks. DC finally delivered the blockbuster film it’s been waiting for. Well I really enjoyed Suicide Squad but I suppose I was in the extreme minority with that one. Oh well. GO GO ACTION WONDER WOMAN!!!

Score: 8
Acting: 8
Presentation: 8
Effect: 9
Other: 9

Score: 8.4

P.S: I wonder how many times I used the word “wonder” in this review? #sorrynotsorry #noregrets

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