Game Talk: Top 10 Games from E3 2017

Well E3 2017 has officially come and gone. There were some highs. And boy howdy doody were there some lows. Either way, I love E3 because there is always something you can find to get excited for. So instead of reviewing the conferences like I did last year, I’m going to single out the ten games that got me most excited for the next 12 months gaming wise. Ladies and gents, all aboard the hype train!!! #ChooChoo

A Way Out:

This was one of the first games that we saw of note from this year’s E3. Despite EA’s press conference being a complete drag, this game looks spectacular. A return to good ole couch coop and an intriguing story to boot.  I cannot wait to play this bad boy with my boy.

Fallout 4 VR: 

Not going to lie, I’ve been neglecting my Vive recently and it makes me pretty sad. Life’s just been too busy but with games like this in the VR future, my return to Vive and VR at large will be magical. I can’t think of a better way to spend my nights than roaming the wasteland and killing raiders… the comfort of my own home of course.

Metro Exodus:

I skipped over the first Metro game but did get to the second (yes yes yes I know…very poor of me). This game though. This. Game. Though. That game looks good. Not only does it look bad ass, it looks gorgeous. The first two Metro games were just minor games in grand scheme of things, but Exodus looks to change all that by making Metro one of the biggest games of 2017

Assassins Creed Origins:

Many are upset that after a year off, this is the Assassins Creed game we got, but I on the other hand couldn’t be happier. It looks as if the developers have refined the AC combat and story structure from AC Unity and Syndicate, which is all I can ask for. Plus it’s set in ancient Egypt, and I’m a sucker for ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology. Perhaps it’s not the evolution many gamers were hoping for, but it is enough to bring me back into the assassins’s fold.

Wolfenstein The New Colossus:

Nazis! Guns! Explosions! Excitement! What else could you ask for? While the Wolfenstein-reboot-sequel was long expected, it still surprised many, including myself. I predict that this game will woo many when it releases in October. And besides, who doesn’t love shooting Nazis!

Sea of Thieves:

Another coop game at the forefront of the spectacle that is E3! Boy oh boy. What did we do to deserve this? While this game’s 2018 release date is more than disappointing, I feel it will be long worth the wait. I can just picture putting hours into this gem with my best friends, something I haven’t done in a few years. I only hope that the final product is as good as what we’ve seen for the past two years.

Crackdown 3:

It’s Crackdown and Terry Crews? Yup. I think that’s enough for that one.

Spiderman (for the PS4):

Once again, a disappointing 2018 release date. Seriously Sony? What a load of crap. Oh well. On the bright side, this move does look magical. The Infamous series consist of some of my favorite PS3/PS4 exclusives and this looks like the natural evolution from that bunch. Hopefully 2018 will turn into Summer 2018 and not Fall 2018.

God of War (2018): 

Ok. I know the God of War franchise has always been pretty laughable but I really enjoyed the almost cheeky way they handled Greek Mythology. But the series had to evolve to continue on and the more we see of it, the most that evolution is evident. This game is going to be great. I know it. Don’t show me any more Sony. Just finish it, polish it off, and throw it at my face.


Last but certainly not least, Bioware comes in swinging with it’s newest IP, Anthem. Running (supposedly) on an Xbox One X, this game looks jaw-droppingly amazing. Everything from the water to the armor to the enemies shown off in the demo, this game looks to be what Bungie should’ve delivered with the original Destiny, however, like with Destiny, I am very hesitant with getting excited with this one. Could it be the greatest game to ever be made? Absolutely. But could it be a totally average game that is a solid disappointment? Unfortunately. Yes too. Anyways. Until next E3, this demo will be enough. Great work Bioware. Great work. <claps> <claps>

And there you have it folks. This E3 might not have been the best, but E3 is E3 and it’s always wonderful. Some honorable mentions include COD WWII, Destiny 2, Doom VFR, the expansion to Dishonored 2, and Far Cry 5 among others. While now we begin the waiting game for many of these titles, I know it’ll be well worth the wait….or so I hope. Until next time!

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