Quick Review: Spiderman Homecoming

Quick Review: Spiderman Homecoming

What did I see? Seriously. The movie I saw last night was just too good. I was laughing. I was awwing. I was gasping. I was yeahing. It was too good. It had no business being that good. I can’t even write a review for this film. So here’s a quick review of my muddled thoughts on this awe-inspiring film.

Story: Following the events of Civil War, Peter Parker has to deal with the struggles of being an awkward high schooler and an up and coming superhero. It’s equally funny and exciting and also has a deep and relate-able villain. It’s great. It’s amazing. Score: 10

Acting: Similar to Guardians 2, this movie has an excellent cast so I’m going to do a similar actor round up. Ready. Go:

Tom Holland: SpiderMan

Michael Keaton: Birdman

Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man

Jon Favreau: Body Guard Man

Zendaya: Cool Man…I mean Woman

Jacob Batalon: The Best……Man

The Rest of the Cast: Just Perfect man

Score: 10

Presentation: Not the best music and visuals in an MCU movie but considering that bar is pretty high, I’ll allow it. Score: 7

Effect: For me personally, Tobey Maguire will always be SpiderMan. That being said, Tom Holland is a damn good Spidey and the supporting cast in this film will blow you out of the water. Once again, Marvel shows that they know exactly what they’re doing. Score: 9

Other: Nothing man. Go see this. It’s a must see. Score: 10

Wrap Up: What a wonderful gift for my birthday. I’m telling y’all. 2017: Year of the Superhero Movies.

Final Score: 9.2

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