So I just got back from seeing Dunkirk and I was thinking about how I wanted to write the review but I just can’t think of a good way to properly review this film. Spoliers kiddies. It’s fantastic. But asides from saying that, I don’t know what else to say…….

How bout this!!! Instead of doing a traditional review, or even a quick review for that matter, I am going to rank Christopher Nolan’s films from worst to best. I figure that will give you all decent way of seeing just how good Nolan’s latest work is!

prestige_posterHonorable Mention- The Prestige: So this is kind of cheating but I actually haven’t seen this film. Or any of the other films Nolan made before Momento. I hear the Prestige is good, but until I see it with my own eyes, we’ll just leave this one here.

batman_begins_poster#7-Batman Begins: Ok. Ok. Ok. I know this film isn’t bad. I actually really like this film and out of all the Nolan Batman movies, this is the one I find myself re-watching the most. And that says a lot. However, compared to the rest of his portfolio, Batman Begins just isn’t up to par. Kind of a shame since the other Nolan movies have almost 100% less Liam Neeson.

interstellar_film_poster#6-Interstellar: I remember seeing this film in IMAX when it first came out and I was equally impressed and disappointed with it. This film heralded in the end of the McConaissance; Matthew McConaughey’s performance, while decent, was not as good as his other films, such as Dallas Buyers Club, and his spectacular performance in the first season of True Detective. Still, Interstellar is a damn fine movie with enough drama to keep you occupied while watching and enough “Nolan-ness” to keep you saying “huh” for a couple of weeks.

dark_knight_rises_poster#5-The Dark Knight Rises-Some would say that the final chapter in the Nolan Batman trilogy is the best film but they are wrong. That being said, the Dark Knight Rises is certainly a star-studded film that remains to this day one of the best superhero films ever made. I can still remember seeing this film at the midnight release and being dumbstruck at the big twist that surprised the hell out of me, even though I actually saw it coming from the get-go.

memento_poster#4: Momento: Now this is where the fun begins….or pain depending on how you look at it. I actually remember seeing this when it came out in theaters, long before I knew who Christopher Nolan was, and guess what: I HATED IT. Now granted. I was 7 and that is not a film that a 7 year old should be seeing. Not because it’s violent….well maybe because it’s violent….ha…but because that movie is confusing af. I finally re-watched it last year and even as a 23 year old it confused me. This may not be Nolan’s best film, but this certainly holds the girl scout badge for “Best Example of Nolan-ness.”

inception_28201029_theatrical_poster#3: Inception: BWONG!!!!!!! My oh my. Where would Hollywood be without that sound effect.  While Momento holds the Olympic Medal for “Most Nolan film ever,” Inception is a close second. Inception is like Momento but slightly more mainstream. It is still just as thought provoking as Momento or Interstellar, but is more palatable that those films. It doesn’t leave a ton to imagination but the parts that are left up the audience, are more than enough to keep the conversation going long after they leave the theater. Oh yeah. I guess having stellar performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page help gain this film the number two spot.

dark_knight#2: The Dark Knight: (Do you see where this “review” is going yet?) This film came out in 2008, and while some wonderful superhero films have come out since then (hell, some great superhero films came out this year), none of them have come close to what Nolan created with the Dark Knight. Christian Bale is on top of his game. Heath Ledger’s joker is a unique kind of terrifying. Aaron Eckhart is phenomenal as Two-Face. And most importantly, every actor and actress work wonderfully together. This is a superhero film made for adults and I truly believe that we will not get a superhero film on this level for a long time. If ever. It is wonderfully written, acted, scored, and directed. This film is just special.

dunkirk_film_poster#1-Dunkirk: You might think I’m joking but I’m not. You might think other critics are joking but they’re not. This film is magical. It might be the best war film I’ve ever seen. It might be one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen. It is action packed. It is awe inspiring. It has the perfect combination of tension and calmness that I’ve seen in a film in quite some time. While the pacing for the latest Planet of the Apes movie was all other the place, this movie is the polar opposite. Like the Revenant, every scene is perfectly placed. Not only does this film accurately show the difference between air, land and water combat, this film highlights a different side to World War Two and one of the most important parts of the war (and one that many may not know about). The acting is spot on. The rookies, including Fionn Whitehead, are just as good as the veterans, like Tom Hardy. Finally, Hans Zimmer’s score is just….it’s just great. I know this summer has had some great movies, but if there’s one film you should see, this should be it.

Well, there you have it. Dunkirk is awesome. Please go see it. This film deserves to be seen by everyone!!!!!!

Oh. And in case you are dying for a numerical score for Dunkirk, here you go.

Score: 10

Presentation: 10
Effect: 10
Other: 10

Score: 10 (Did you expect anything else?)

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