Fridge Logic Review Reflections

Fridge Logic Review Reflections

Hello everyone! Sorry about last week and not getting a review out. I was busy attending to a guest who was visiting the ole 561 so I didn’t really have time to sit down and chug out a review. I was going to make up for it this week but I just could not think of a film to review. Valerian was not that great and while Atomic Blonde is reviewing well enough, I have not gotten around to seeing it. Instead of hobbling a quick review of a pretty bad film, I’ve decided to do some reflections on reviews I’ve made in 2017 and update the respective scores. I think this is important as opinions change over time and you can separate some of your biases from initial reactions to form a slightly more unbiased opinion.

Spiderman: Homecoming- Let’s start out with a recent one. When I first saw this with my buddy Kam, I was floating on cloud nine. It was great. It was action packed. It was hilarious. It was everything I would ever look for in a MCU movie. However, I saw this movie last week for a second time and it just did not hold up upon the second rewatch. Many of the jokes fell flat and the story is just a bit too….too blah. Don’t get me wrong. This is still one of my favorite films of the year but I just don’t think it deserves the high high praise I gave it back a month ago.

Story: 10 8
Acting: 10 9
Effect: 9  8
Other: 10 9
Updated Score: 9.2 8.2

xXx: Return of Xander Cage- I always thought I reviewed this movie too well. Sure I only gave it a 5.4, but I think that was a bit too high. One small thing I consider when I review movies is trying to keep my average for the year at or around 5. Now that is a difficult task because I end up missing many of the just awful movies that come out during the year. While my average for 2017 is about 6.2, I try to consider that so that I’m keeping some sort of bell curve for my reviews. With the great, there must be the awful, and with the good, there must be the bad. So with all that being said, I think I should re-balance out the score of the newest xXx movie to account for the curve.

Score: 5 4
6 4
7 6
5 4
Updated Score: 
5.4 4.4

The Founder- Following the same line of reasoning, this a movie that I thought was completely average. Had some good moments but also dragged a fair amount as well. Despite this, I ended up giving this film almost straight 7s. While I enjoyed it more than others would, it was not Fist Fight (6.8) or Power Rangers (6).

Score: 5
Acting: 7 5
Presentation: 7 5
Effect: 6 5
Other: 7 5
Updated Score: 6.8 5

The Fate and the Furious: Ok. I really liked this film. Maybe too much. And while it might have deserved a score better than 6, it is definitely not an 8.2 movie.

Score: 7
8 7
Other: 7
Updated Score: 8.2 7.4

Get Out: I actually went back and increased the score for this movie after I published it, yet I still think it’s just a tad too low. This film is a masterpiece and deserves any and all praise it gets. This isn’t a yuge update but just another slight tweeking to accurately adjust for the longevity of this film.

Score: 9 10
Acting: 9

8 9
Effect: 10

Other: 10

Updated Score: 
9.2 9.6

Well I think that’s enough for this time around. Perhaps I’ll do another one of these if I decide my reviews are getting a bit sloppy. Until then, just remember my reviews are like the Pope; infallible.

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