Happy Serenity Day!

Happy Serenity Day!

Welcome back ladies and gents. This was a slightly slow week for me, as I only got around to seeing two movies this week. I know. ONLY two. Any how, one of them just came out and the other is a movie from a few years back that has a sequel coming out this year. So at the very least I’m current.

Serenity- I’ll be honest, I only saw this movie because I was jonesing to see something in theaters and this was the only film that called my name. Let me paint a picture for you. You see a poster for a movie that looks relatively bland but has some big name actors attached to it so you figure you’ll go and at least be entertained. When this happens, generally you have a 50% chance you’ll get a boring film, a 40% chance it is a pile of steaming garbage and 9.99% chance it might actually be decent. However, in that 0.01% of times, you will get a movie that metaphorically sticks its hand through the screen and slaps you silly until you realize that you actually had fun. Has this never happened to you? Gotcha. Well, that is Serenity. The “twist,” if you can call it that, is fairly predictable but where it goes with it is all the fun you’ll need. It makes me wish more films did this. Just make a (pardon my French) bat-shit crazy twist that is equal parts confusing and enjoyable and go all out with it. Perhaps I watched this movie at the perfect time but I do highly recommend this one. It is just enough crazy to be enjoyable.

Duty to Watch-Yes

Happy Death Day- I decided to watch this because I’ve seen the trailer for the sequel, Happy Death Day 2U (not joking that’s the title), about 1000 times over the past couple of months. The funny thing about it is that the trailer for the sequel SPOILS the ending of the original movie, and despite that, I STILL had fun watching it. Happy Death Day is a simple horror/thriller premise: a college girl is being stalked on her birthday and every time she dies, she wakes up at the beginning of her birthday. It’s like Groundhog’s Day meets Scream. It’s a fun romp and has turned a movie I had no interest in into a movie I cannot wait to see. Hope Happy Death Day 2U (still not joking) is just as crazy and fun.

Duty to Watch? Yes

And that’s that. I’d probably recommend Serenity, since no one is going to go see that one and I’d like it to get some more attention. That being said, you also can’t go wrong with Happy Death Day either. I did also play through the Resident Evil 2 remake which was a lovely experience. So I’d recommend that too! Cheers and see you next week!

(All movie posters from their respective Wikipedia pages. I do not own any of the images used in this post. All copyright material used under fair use and for review purposes only.)

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