Is Everything Awesome? Lego Movie 2 Review

Is Everything Awesome? Lego Movie 2 Review

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE!?!?!?! How’re you doing? I hope well.

SO! There was only one movie of note I watched last week and it was a biggun. The sequel to the highly loved Lego Movie. Now. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Lego Movie though I did LOVE the standalone Lego Batman Movie (in fact I just bought that one on blu-ray!). Not that I hated the first Lego Movie, it’s just that I didn’t adore it like most everyone else. So the question is then, is the sequel good? Is everything still awesome? Well. Yeah?

It is certainly not as good as the original (as most sequels), yet it was still a fun ride. The story is hella-predictable but that doesn’t really matter because that’s not the point. It will bring out your inner child and each character, from Emmet to Batman to Space Nuts Astronaut, brings something unique to the table. And there are many surprise cameos from odd pop culture characters to a surprise Die Hard references…actually Die Hard references. Which I suppose is sort of strange for a children’s movie but I’m a fan of it.

In short, this is the perfect February movie. It isn’t fantastic but it almost doesn’t matter. If you’re dying to see a movie on the big screen and want to be entertained for a few hours, this will do the job!!

Duty to Watch? Yes!

And that’s all folks. I’ll see you next week with more movies and more excitement…well, at least more movies!

(Movie poster from its respective Wikipedia page. I do not own the image used in this post. All copyright material used under fair use and for review purposes only.)

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