Captain Eh? Captain Marvel Review

Captain Eh? Captain Marvel Review

So once again I’m a little late to the party, yet once again I don’t really care. People have been losing their minds over Captain Marvel and I just don’t understand it. The far right contingent on 4-Chan think it sucks because it has a woman in it (which is stupid) and some super feminists on the internet think anyone who doesn’t say it is the greatest film of all time is sexist (which is also stupid) What are my thoughts you might ask? Eh…

Captain Marvel feels like an out of phase movie. Let me explain. The first half or so feels like one of the MCU Phase 1 movies, particularly Thor, in that it has to bring you up to speed with all the players in the film (Kree, Skrulls, 90s, etc.). It’s in these parts where the film drags. It’s pure exposition that feels clunky and disjointed and something the MCU has been able to avoid for the most part since 2013. I know they have to tell you what’s going on, however there are better ways to bring the audience up to speed.

Now on the other hand, this movie is fun and exciting when the action is rolling, and ESPECIALLY when Brie Larson and Sam Jackson are teaming up. This is where the movie feels like the more recent MCU movies (Black Panther, Ragnarok, etc.); the action is good and the actors look like their actually having fun, unlike in some of the other scenes.

It really is a tale of two movies and that is why ultimately I will put this in the middle of the pack in the MCU ranking. That being said, I’d still highly recommend going to see this one. I hope that in the inevitable sequel, we get more of the fun half since there (hopefully) won’t be much more to explain to the audience (at least in terms of world building). In the end, it’s a fun romp, is the best thing in theaters, and might be the best thing in theaters until Avengers: Endgame comes out at the end of next month. Maybe DC’s Captain Marvel…I mean Shazam will be good, but only time will tell.

Duty to Watch? Yes!

(Captain Marvel poster is from its Wikipedia page. I do not own the image used in this post. All copyright material used under fair use and for review purposes only.)

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